Diablo 4 Trading Guide

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Diablo 4 Trading Guide

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Diablo 4 will not feature an auction house, which many players felt negatively impacted the gameplay experience. But instead, Diablo 4 will allow players to trade items directly with each other, providing a more engaging and rewarding experience. So in this article, we will show you a step-by-step guide to trade with other players in Diablo 4, including how trading works and which items/currencies can be traded.

First, to find players to trade with, Diablo 4 has dedicated chat channels for trading. You can easily use these channels to find others who would like to trade or browse trade offers. Once you've found someone to trade with, follow the steps below to get the trading done:

Invite your trade partner to your party to get into the same World Instance.
Approach your trade partner, open the action wheel, and select "Invite to Trade".
When they accept the request, the trade window opens.
Both parties put their negotiated items into the trade window.
After all agreed items are placed into the trade window, both parties click the "lock in offer" button.
Once both locked in their offers, proceed to click "accept trade" to complete the trade.
If a player changes anything in the trade window, the "accept trade" status of the other person gets removed.

Of course, not all items are either tradable. An untradable item is always marked with Account Bound in the tooltip. Here's what you can and can't trade:


Common Items
Magic Items
Rare Items
Diablo 4 Gold


Legendary Items & Aspects
Unique Items
Enchanted Items
All currencies except Gold
Quest Items

So there you have it, a complete, step-by-step guide to trading in Diablo 4. This system aims to create a more dynamic and player-driven economy in Diablo 4, as players can negotiate their own prices and deals without the need for a middleman.

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Re: Diablo 4 Trading Guide

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Re: Diablo 4 Trading Guide

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Re: Diablo 4 Trading Guide

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