Read up and make your OSRS life easier with those pointers

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Read up and make your OSRS life easier with those pointers

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Despite being a decade-old game with attributes ten years behind the base game, Old School RuneScape (OSRS)includes some OSRS hints and secrets that even some long-time gamers probably don't know exist. Perhaps you do not know all the tricks of this trade that's why we're providing you with the lowdown. Read up and make your OSRS life easier with those pointers.

Gold Amulets for Sale

Gold is one of the most significant resources players should have in the sport. It's important for players to get a chunk of cheap OSRS gold as early as you can. Earning gold before OSRS Powerleveling, however, can be time-consuming, but that doesn't mean there aren't simpler manners like crafting gold amulets. In fact, crafting gold is achievable with F2P players, which requires only level 8 Crafting, and its own time improves the ability in question. Besides the essential ability level, you want OSRS gold bars and an amulet mold to craft gold amulets. Gold bars price 93 Old School RuneScape Gold points, whilst gold amulets are usually marketed for 159G, a 66GP gain. As soon as you get started racking in lots of OSRS Gold, it will feel rewarding.

Going for Cheap Wine

In actual life, wine is more expensive. On the flip side, in OSRS, wine is a lot cheaper than lobsters and pricey fish. So, what does wine need to do with those two dropping items? Well, lobsters and fish are the things players generally buy or sell so that they can use secure space stains again when they're training for Range or Magic. The drawback is that it reduces attacks by two. Then again, since you're buying Range and Magic, it is safe to say that it's your bread and butter to your battle sport, so this shouldn't be debatable.

Your Cat for Departure

Selling your pet cat for Death runes may seem like a cold thing to do, however, if you are focused-oriented rather than too sentimental, then do it. First, knock Gertrude's Cat quest. Afterward, you'll be able to sell your kitty for Death runes to a citizen in West Ardougne. The older your cat is your more runes. A fully-grown cat fetches for 200 Death Runes. It is considerably easier to grow a cat as it only takes three hours to get a kitty to become fully developed. In that span of time, you'll need to pet the cat and nourish its sardines. Then, you market cost the cat. Somewhat unhappy, but hey it works.

Unlimited Tokens

If you want pliers in the Warrior's Guild but do not want to devote tokens to earn more, there is a simple way to handle it. First, have 100 tokens to enter the Cyclops Room (don't worry since you won't utilize one token). To pull off this trick, simply enter the room, kill one of the Cyclops, go back out, and reenter. Since the one-limit timer starts every time you get in RS 3 gold, you won't consume any tokens. One thing to think about if you are not conscious, you can prayer-flick more than 1 prayer at one time (three to be exact). A solid combination contains (1) Attack Prayer, (2) Defense Prayer, and (3) Strength Prayer. These useful and not-so-well-known OSRS tips can step up your gameplay.

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