How To Get NBA 2K21 MT

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How To Get NBA 2K21 MT

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There are a variety of ways you can get MT in NBA 2K21. MT is an additional type of currency(Buy 2K21 MT), aside from VC, that's only used in the MyTEAM game mode. It's most popularly used in the Auction House where you can acquire certain players to complete your roster by bidding on single cards. You can even use MT to buy packs, but it is usually recommended you only spend VC on packs as you can't get MT as easily as possible VC, which is just by buying it directly in the NBA 2k game.

Purchase MT NBA 2K21

The fastest way to get MT is by purchasing MT at NBA 2K21. It is not really recommended that you do so as it can result in your account getting banned. Or you may get scammed rather than have the means to get your money back. The way this works is that the vendor is going to have you put up a specific card at a top buy it now price and as soon as you've paid them, they will buy the card in the agreed-upon MT value. Prices may fluctuate, but it's usually $10-$15 for each MT purchased, with a reduction for the longer MT you buy.

Daily Log-In Bonus

2k gives you rewards only for logging in every day. At the end of the week, you get a chance to spin the wheel to get a bonus. The benefits you get during the week include MT, Tokens, and packs. Just by logging in to NBA 2K21 MyTeam every day you can get more MT.

Employing the Auction House to get MT

A popular method to get considerable amounts of MT is to buy packs or boxes with your VC, pull on a higher-end card, then auction it off for a lot of MT. Obviously, this is dependent upon the VC gods awarding you package luck, but if you get lucky you could get a single card that will sell for tens of thousands of MT on the auction house.

The use of the Auction House to obtain MT doesn't stop there, however. A really popular strategy would be sniping cards. This entails Assessing the Auction House for bargains on cards to where you can buy low and sell high quality. You can create filters to try and find those deals, or just have a keen eye for cards that will soon increase in value. Almost every card you pull can be fast offered for a fixed quantity of MT depending upon the card type and rarity, or you are able to auction off the card. If you do not plan on choosing collector-level bonuses, you can auction off all the cards that you get you don't think you will use and this can be a nice way to build a stockpile of MT through the Auction House.

Play game to get MT or buy at NBA2king

Obviously, you can also make MT by simply playing the game. Each game style in MyTEAM will provide you MT at the end of this and you are able to earn MT for completing different activities during the match. Some game modes have distinct MT worth for everything you do in the sport, however, the table below is a general overview of just how much MT could be earned for each accomplishment. You may see that putting together mixes of those activities can lead to a nice amount of MT for one play. For example, a Smart Dual Team with Multiple Defensive Stops paired with Good Shot Defense, a Block, a Rebound, a Made 3 Point Field Goal on a Fastbreak with an Assist would lead to 40 MT on a single drama. Simply obtaining a high number of Assists on each Produced Shot is a terrific way to develop considerable sums of MT with all of the additional actions that naturally take place over the course of the sport.

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